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Bell & Ross Unveils Flight Instrument-Inspired Watches

The French watch making company, Bell & Ross has once again looked at the inspirational cockpit instruments for their latest timepieces, BR 01 as they’ve so in the previous BR 01 Radar and BR 01 Compass. The air navigation instruments have been given particular focus this time and the new watches have been named as BR 01 Turn Coordinator, BR 01 Altimeter, and BR 01 Horizon.

BR 01 Turn Coordinator gets design cues, allowing for the formation of a modern display of time. The 2 independent concentric discs comprise of the dial, one indicating 60minutes, while the other for 12 hours. A vertical maker in white color shows the time that can be read from top to bottom. The creation of this watch has come from facing many challenges; for beginners, both discs had to be made lightweight to hold accuracy and power store of the timepiece. Hence, the disc had to be made resistant enough so that it doesn’t collapse. The adjustments were crafted to the micron level in order to maintain the accuracy, ensuring the discs are placed parallel as they move constantly. It indicates the flight symmetry and gets an instrument, called gyroscope that counts roll of the airplane, while a curved tube visualizes the flight’s sideslip.

BR 01 Altimeter features an instrument altimeter that measures the aircraft’s height based on atmospheric pressure and determines the altitude based on any allusion point, such as isobaric surface, sea, or ground. In isolation, the watch reflects the altimeter right down to the three hands as well as typeface, sharing the set of common designs. The new timepiece sports windows at 3 o’clock position that shows the date and displays even atmospheric pressure in the aircraft.

BR 01 Horizon, featuring an altitude indicator monitors the airplane’s location in relation to the horizon in any weather condition. It has 2-color background, representing ground and sky and is distinguished by a white horizontal line on 3 to 9 o’clock alliance. Moreover, the lifted index dial offers 2 main functions, providing legibility (individual characters identifiable based on the appearance) are of the brand and to cover up the parts of the hand’s attachment. Moreover, it can be improved with the use of white photo luminescent coating on the indices and hands.
All flight instrument inspired watches add to the Aviation collection, featuring anti-glare black case for enhanced legibility. The Aviation collection has a limited run of 999 models for each lineup.

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